Monday, October 08, 2007


I had the best laid plans for taking time off after I quit my job, taking a trip to Ohio to visit my daughter and 2-year old grandson for a month, and diligently working on my business while I was there. I found myself spending my time going to the playground, swinging on swings, visiting parks, recreation centers, a farm and taking long walks.

At first I felt guilty that I was only working sporadically. But then I began relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, my family, and re-learning how to laugh & play. I had been thinking for some time that I needed to spend some time on leisure, but it never seemed quite right to plan time for fun and play. Now I am more relaxed, I feel better, my stomach isn’t as tight and I can generally think more clearly. In the past two weeks, I’ve really learned the benefits of taking time for leisure.