Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The Entrepreneur’s Networking Café, June 7, was a great success. It was a small informal networking group in contrast to the “Speed Networking” event I attended last evening hosted by the Business Chapter, Sacramento State University Alumni Association. “Speed Networking” is a great exercise and an opportunity to get your business card out to a number of businesses in a short period of time. It is also a good opportunity to practice your “elevator” speech. I met some interesting people and made some contacts.

In the cozy informal setting of Javalicious Café, the June Entrepreneur’s Networking Café had a small group of entrepreneurs discussing "what you do and why you do it." Janet Hignight, Vice President of Pacific Pointe Insurance Agency said their business is all about relationships and helping people understand the insurance business. They will be hosting an insurance education workshop July 24th. Enjoy a fun informational evening. Call for details. The unexpected common interests were amazing! Some of us made an appointment to tour the new Techskills facility, which led to further connections and relationships.

Whether you own your business or work for someone else, understanding what you do and why you do it, will help you periodically re-evaluate your goals, stay motivated and have "an attitude of gratitude" in all of the work you do. We're looking forward to the next Entrepreneur's Networking Cafe July 19th,
9:00 AM, at Javalicious.

Center for Fathers and Families

I recently attended the Center for Fathers and Families, 6th Annual Salute to Fatherhood Banquet at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. With the goal of strengthening families and building communities, the center has made an impact on youth and parents in the Sacramento area. I was very moved by the success story of a teen who had gone through the AWARE (Adolescents Willing to Act Responsibly Everyday) Life skills for teen males program and graduated from college with a goal of making a difference in his community. I applaud Rick Jennings for all of the work he has done to provide opportunities for youth and families to succeed through the many programs at the Center for Fathers and Families.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Feelings of Gratitude

As I sit in my office on this cool spring morning, I can hear birds, planes, and the chug of my computer so easily grinding thoughts into words. I can sit back and feel the pleasure and comfort of my big office chair. There have been so many mornings where I dashed out without breakfast to take a brisk walk to the bus, then felt hot and tired on the walk home. This morning I pause to enjoy the gratitude of feeling comfort, safety and satisfaction in what I am doing. Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this kind of pleasure on a daily basis, but I know that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it today if I hadn’t taken a few moments to indulge in feelings of gratitude.