Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August 23rd Entrepreneur's Networking Cafe

Place & possibly time will be changed
More information soon!

Javalicious Café

August 23, 2008
9:00 – 10:00 A.M.

“Show & Tell”
Bring a sample of your product, brochure, etc.
Briefly tell what makes you or your product unique.

Participating Businesses:
Pacific Pointe Insurance Agency
Sandra J. Hertkorn, Medical Billing Systems
Center for LifeWork Design
The Urban Flower
Flowering Leaf Jewelry

Share & Collaborate
Networking is more than a business card!

Contact Nancy: lifeworkcoach@clwd-share.org for more information

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Americans House Big Dreams

Is bigger always better?

We've been looking for a home in the California housing market. Prices are down, but it is a crazy complicated time to buy. It's difficult, but possible for the average person to get a good price on a home in this market, but things are never what they seem. Because Americans dream about big homes, and banks lust after big loans, buying a home has taken on a whole new meaning. For most Americans, a home represents so many different things:

  • a right
  • a showcase
  • a possession
  • an investment
  • an entertainment center
  • a place of beauty and refuge
  • a place to store all of your stuff
  • a welcome place for guests to visit
In many places in the world (and for some Americans), a home is a place to live, share relationships, prepare food, and have a family. Some people feel blessed if they even have a home. But for so many Americans, home is a status symbol and bigger is always better. According to Fast Company Magazine's article on the housing industry and greenhouse emissions, building and maintaining large energy guzzling American homes creates more greenhouse emissions than transportation in this country.

We've been looking for a smaller home to downsize and be more energy efficient. But the temptation to go large is very great, especially if the price is similar. Concerns about where to put all of the stuff, where will family stay when they visit, how to have a sense of privacy and of course, "Where's the family room?" We certainly wouldn't want to live in the living room.

Another important consideration is the appraisal. As an investment, the square footage is the first consideration in appraising a property. Getting the right home at the right time and price can be as lucrative as winning the lottery or at least a game show prize. The temptation to look for the prize creeps its ugly head into many real estate deals in California. Have we lost sight of looking for health and happiness through healthy eating and healthy relationships? I talk about it a lot, and facilitate workshops and presentations on health and happiness, because that's what it takes to keep me on track with my vision and values.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July Networking Cafe

Entrepreneur's Networking Cafe

9:00 - 10:00 AM

July 19, 2008

If you are an entrepreneur
Coach Entrepreneurs
Or think like an entrepreneur

Join us at
Javalicious Cafe
(Carlson Dr. Sacramento)
Delicious coffee and pastries

Practice your brief introduction to your product, service or skills
in a fun friendly environment
(This is not speed networking)

Share & collaborate
Networking is more than a business card!

For more information
Contact Nancy
Center for LifeWork Design